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Grief – separation therapy | Utrera | Seville

Grief and separation therapy. Help to  overcome the death of a family member in Utrera and Seville.

Understanding that a person we love has died can take time. But sometimes it happens that too much time has passed and we still feel their loss in a heartbreaking way or that it is unbearable for us to overcome that loss.

 “Grief” means grief and implies that we have to go through it, going through a series of stages or phases or doing a series of “emotional tasks” that help us to fit the new situation. We have to work out how to restore our life without this person, and put everything back together from the moment it is lost.

Although psychological therapy, like any other type of treatment, cannot prevent us from feeling pain when we experience these events, it does offer us support, accompaniment and direction through various techniques, which fulfil the purpose of passing through the process with less suffering and, above all, help us to be able to channel and normalise (make our lives functional).

There are many types of mourning, since mourning is not just the death of a person. Grief can be:

  • A separation from a partner.
  • Loss of a job.
  • An abortion.
  • Difficulty in conceiving a child/Fertility problems
  • Changes in the life cycle, e.g. Menopause.

There are even situations in which grief takes place a little differently due to the circumstances of the person’s death. For example:

  • A death by suicide.
  • A death by COVID-19.

It is difficult to detect when grief is becoming pathological. It is difficult to detect when a grief is becoming pathological, hence the importance of consulting a psychologist to help us distinguish and process it in the most appropriate way.