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Adults therapy. Treatment of psychological problemas and depression and anxiety.

There are many reasons why adults go to a psychologist. They may come either because of emotional problems such as feelings of sadness, anxiety or dissatisfaction with their lives, or because of the presence of ideas or thoughts they consider inappropriate, or even because of physical causes such as chronic pain, irritable colon, migraines or low back pain that may have a psychic origin. It is the doctor himself who advises them to visit the psychologist, in this case we are talking about psychosomatics.

There is a belief that women go to the psychologist earlier than men because they seem to find it less difficult to ask for help, although this is not entirely true.

In any case, one could perhaps differentiate between two large groups of common factors in terms of the reasons why an adult goes to a psychologist:

  • Symptoms of anxiety or listlessness: Sometimes it is difficult to identify when the sadness changes to anxiety or depression, so consulting a professional would be of great help.
  • Symptoms of low self-esteem: Checking low self-esteem is only possibl e by analysing our patterns of behaviour; its lack can have consequences such as a lack of social skills and emotional intelligence. It is currently known that some psychological therapies (e.g. cognitive-behavioral), can “train” the right skills and attitudes for our self-esteem to reach healthy levels