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Couples and sex therapy | Utrera | Seville

Couples and sex therapy in Utrera and Seville. Relationship problems.


This is a great reason to seek the help of a psychologist and, for many couples, an important way to maintain the couple. According to the latest studies, the main couple problems that are perceived are

  • lack of communication, which affects almost all couples who go to the psychologist, and
  • the problems of coexistence, which this triggers in most of them.

Working with the psychologist allows us to establish channels of communication between the members of the couple that due to the fatigue of the relationship, ignorance or incapacity, have not been able to occur, building a positive and hopeful dialogue.


According to the World Health Organisation, the ability to enjoy sexual and reproductive activity, conforming to the values and criteria of social and personal ethics. It is based on the absence of fear, feelings of shame, guilt, unfounded beliefs and other psychological factors that inhibit sexual activity or disturb sexual relations. It is also based on the absence of organic disorders, diseases and deficiencies that hinder sexual and reproductive activity.

Although it may be embarrassing to go to a psychologist-sexologist, we are the best people to solve doubts and problems in the sexual field.

It is therefore advisable to go to a sexology consultation when there has been a difficulty in fully enjoying sex with another person or when sex generates more worries than pleasure, as it means that something is not working.

The most frequent problems of a sexual nature are

  • Vaginism
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Low sexual frequency.
  • Sudden loss of sexual desire.
  • Premature ejaculation.
  • Spareunia or genital pain associated with sexual practice with penetration.