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Lola Crespo - Psychologist Seville

Lola Crespo, Psychologist

Psychologist-Sexologist, Registration Member No. AN 10713

More than 20 years of experience in the field of sexology, working with families and teachers, smoking cessation, psychological counseling for pregnant women, psychological counseling for women of menopausal age and emotional
health workshops for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

University expert in Forensic Psychology and Postgraduate in Testimonial Psychology and Credibility of Statements.

Member of the working group of Grief and Loss Psychology of the Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Andalucía Occidental.

“The relationship with the therapist is the heart therapy itself,
and is the vehicle through which what changes occur in the person”

Psychology and therapy practice in Utrera | Seville

Some common questions

Does going to a psychologist mean I have a mental disorder?

There are many reasons to go to a professional of psychology and most of the times you don’t go because you have a mental disorder or you suffer from specific alterations such as phobias or neuroses.

You can go for several reasons:

Many times we feel sad, frustrated or depressed, we are afraid of the current situation, we do not manage to put a name to what we feel and this causes great confusion and regret.

Other times we can feel anxiety, stress, insomnia and we don’t even know what is happening to us and why it is happening.

Sometimes we feel that social relationships are difficult, that others are difficult and we don’t know how to communicate properly. We are doing badly with our partners, friends, and co-workers and we begin to think that maybe it is not always the others’ fault, that perhaps we also lack self-esteem and that we allow ourselves to be influenced more than we would like.

There are moments of loss or physical or psychological changes, and we cannot manage our emotions alone.

And there are also times when we must make decisions, we do not make ourselves clear and we would like someone to guide us.

And sometimes we also have problems, real problems that directly affect our daily lives, our children have problems or behavioral disorders, learning disorders, or, there are signs of depression, or even eating disorders, and then we need therapy, not advice.

So what does a psychology professional offer me?

Just as health professionals take care of the health of our body, we, the psychology professionals, take care of the health of our mind.

We train ourselves to understand the mental processes that underlie behaviors. Nothing is ever done just for the sake of it. This knowledge is transmitted in an understandable and humane way so that it can help people understand it themselves. We collaborate to understand each other better and to understand what happens and why it happens to us.

We have learned to listen, to analyze what are the reasons that lead us to do what we do, to not judge, to help to become aware of ourselves, to accompany and alleviate the psychic suffering that can come from multiple reasons of which we are not aware. We contribute in some way to make a person more himself more mentally healthy and ultimately happier.